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Episode 82

The Awareness Code – Wayno Linton & Steve Tappin

March 18, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony is joined by the co-authors of The Awareness Code, trained psychotherapist Wayno Linton, who is founder and master practitioner of the Awareness Code Global Training Centre, and Steve Tappin, founder and CEO of Xinfu. 

Together, they discuss their new book The Awareness Code: The Secrets to Emotional Empowerment for Incredible Leadership, which is a ​​ground-breaking blueprint on how to revolutionize leadership skills by increasing personal awareness. Wayno and Steve take us through the journey of creating the code, discussing how their different life paths brought them together to collaborate. They explain why this book is the “periodic table for humanity,” outlining how the code’s ten levels are designed to open up a readers’ many layers. Lastly, they share why, although we often still default to images of stoicism or the “stiff upper lip,” that “emotional empowerment” is the real key to successful leadership.

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