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Episode 19

Tara Setmayer, Rick Wilson & Tom Rogers

January 15, 2021

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Less than half a Scaramucci to go! 

It’s been quite an eventful week as President Trump became the first Commander-in-Chief in history to be impeached twice. Tara Setmayer, CNN political commentator and former GOP communications director gives Anthony her view on recent events.

Senator Mitch McConnell says five days isn’t enough time for the Senate to convict Trump, but he was able to get Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination confirmed in four. This is his chance to trash Trumpism – so why isn’t he? Anthony talks to Rick Wilson, co-founder of The Lincoln Project and author of the bestseller ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies,’ to get his take on this. 

After the events of the past weeks, how does America heal? Anthony is joined by  prolific media industry leader, Tom Rogers to discuss what steps have to be taken to put the United States back in a good place.

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