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Episode 2

Stephanie Ruhle, Robert Wolf, Michael Booker & David Callaway

September 18, 2020

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In this episode, with the TikTok deal still not done, President Trump’s trade advisor Peter Navarro in hot water, and Mike Bloomberg writing a check for $100m to help Joe Biden in Florida, we talk with business journalist Stephanie Ruhle to get her analysis. 

Are the Democrats going to get their act together for the election? Washington insider Robert Wolf – entrepreneur, former banker and advisor to President Obama – gives us the inside track. 

How are the Brits faring in the Covid-19 and Brexit battles? Anthony analyses the challenges facing Prime Minister Boris Johnson with London-based Michael Booker, editor of the Sunday Express.

Although California fire season is a challenge every year, the recent scale of destruction is the worst in living memory. Anthony talks with environmental journalist David Callaway, former editor of USA Today, from his home in San Francisco to get the local take.

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