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Episode 41

Sandy Alderson, Chelsea Janes & Steve Kettmann

June 11, 2021

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In this episode ‘special,’ Anthony is joined by Sandy Alderson, president of the New York Mets; Chelsea Janes, national baseball reporter for the Washington Post; and Steve Kettmann, author of several critically acclaimed baseball books – and most recently, editor of ‘Remember Who You Are: What Pedro Gomez Showed Us About Baseball and Life.’ In this in-depth conversation, guests delve into Steve’s new book, discussing Pedro’s phenomenal 35-year career covering more than 25 World Series and over 20 All-Star Games, and his great life philosophies; give their take on steroids and baseball – and whether any of the “juicers” from that era will make it into the Hall of Fame; explore the games Cuban legacy and what to expect as US-Cuba relations improve; and finally, Sandy gives Anthony the latest on Steve Cohen and the Mets.

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