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Episode 95

Rick Wilson & Gabriel Nicholas

June 17, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony talks with Rick Wilson, longtime Republican political strategist, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, and bestselling author. Rick gives his take on the January 6th select committee hearing and why, for him, this “changed the game.” They discuss the impact these hearings will have on Trump and his future within politics and on the American people by “telling the truth about what happened.” Finally, he shares how he would advise a candidate to break the cycle of betraying the working and middle class in the country.

Anthony also chatted with Gabriel Nicholas, research fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology. Gabe delves into ‘shadowbanning’ – hiding bad behavior online without informing the person why. Gabe shares the importance of transparency within the rules that govern our online environments. He reflects on what started him out in this field, driven by a passion for the social ramifications of the internet.

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