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Episode 1

Randall Lane, Peter Spiegel, Jon Sopel & Ian Bremmer

September 11, 2020

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In this inaugural episode, with the election just weeks away, Trump’s alleged wealth (or lack of it) will face greater scrutiny than ever. Anthony talks with Randall Lane, editor of Forbes, to get the truth.

What’s the inside view from those in the know in Wall Street? Financial Times US editor Peter Spiegel gives Anthony the skinny on whether things will get better… or worse.

Next up Anthony talks with the BBC’s man in Washington, Jon Sopel, for the lowdown on what the Brits make of what’s going on.

Finally, come January we’ll have either a new President or a second term Trump administration – so we’ll be taking a huge step into the unknown whatever the country decides. Anthony’s final guest this week is the global political risk expert Ian Bremmer, who can help us make sense of what the hell’s going on.

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