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Episode 90

Natalie Salemink, Scott Smith & Hernán Luis y Prado

May 13, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony joins Natalie Salemink, founder and chief executive of Prismatic – the place to create, govern and manage DAOs on Algorand. Together they discuss how she first got into the crypto and Ethereum community which led to her discovering DAOs. Natalie then shares why Algorand is a suitable destination for DAOs being built – and why they position themselves as a “blockchain for good.” 

Next, Scott Smith, entrepreneur, author, and managing member of the C Squared Fund, talks with Anthony about his book ‘The Emerging Kingdom: An Economic Guidebook to Building a Nation That is a Better Place to Live,’ which delves into the relationship between money, the economy, and our personal wellbeing. Scott shares his ideas behind replacing income taxes with a payments tax, cutting the tax rate to 0.2%, and how he aims to get this idea out there to bring people together.

Finally, Hernán Luis y Prado, CEO and founder of Workshops for Warriors, joins Anthony to discuss his background in the military – and when his light-bulb moment came to start the non-profit that trains veterans to place them into advanced manufacturing careers – recently graduating their 1,000th student! Hernán then reveals what needs to be done as a society to support veterans and welcome them back into the community.

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