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Episode 103

Markus Pflitsch, Trevor May & Phil Ehr

August 30, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony is joined by the co-founder and CEO of Terra Quantum AG, Markus Pflitsch, to discuss his passion for quantum physics and the future of quantum computing. Markus explains the mechanics behind quantum technologies, and they explore the applications of quantum technology to strengthen cybersecurity, solve the energy crisis, and tackle global warming. 

Next, Anthony joins entrepreneur, streamer, and pitcher for the New York Mets, Trevor May. Together, they talk about what it takes to play in Major League Baseball and how to balance being a professional athlete and a media entrepreneur. Anthony dives into his long-standing relationship with the New York Mets organization and shares their analysis of current players and the team’s direction in the upcoming postseason.

Anthony then joined former United States Naval Officer, politician, and founder of the George Washington Initiative, Phil Ehr, to discuss his journey transitioning as a military veteran running for Northwest Florida’s seat in Congress in 2020. Phil walks through his experience of running for office as a Democrat in one of the reddest districts in the country, which inspired him to launch the George Washington Initiative.

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