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Episode 83

Laura Shin, Christopher Leonard & Sean Ford

March 25, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony is joined by writer, crypto-journalist, and podcaster Laura Shin to discuss her new book, The Cryptopians, which takes readers inside the founding journey of Ethereum. Together, they discuss Laura’s crypto eureka moment back in May of 2015; assess how the book is somewhat a coming-of-age story for Vitalik Buterin; investigate the DAO hack of 2016; and explore each of the Ethereum co-founders, and how these larger-than-life personalities came together. 

Next, Christopher Leonard, New York Times bestselling author and business journalist, talks with Anthony about his new book, The Lords Of Easy Money, which infiltrates one of America’s most mysterious institutions —the Federal Reserve. Chris takes us through the role and history of the Fed, and how its policies over the past ten years have accelerated income inequality and put the United States’ economic stability at risk.

Finally, Anthony speaks with Sean Ford, chief operating officer at Algorand. Algorand seeks to build on similar projects like Ethereum by improving scalability, security, and reducing the amount of time it takes for transactions on the network to be considered “final.” In their conversation, Sean and Anthony start by recalling Sean’s career journey to date, then go on to talk about all things ALGO, from its creation by MIT professor Silvio Micali to why it will change the crypto space, and much more…

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