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Episode 102

Kyle Cheney, Daniel Shakhani, & Sudarshan Sridharan

August 15, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony is joined by Politico reporter, Kyle Cheney, to discuss the recent FBI raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. They explore the possibilities around Trump’s motives for taking classified documents to his Florida home and what information those documents may hold. Anthony gives insight into the situation using his experiences with sensitive compartmented information facilities within the White House. Kyle also shares his predictions on the fate of Donald Trump and the Republican party.


Next, Daniel Shakhani, co-founder of Salary Finance, joins Anthony to talk about the importance of financial wellness. Daniel analyzes the psychological effects of the current economic climate and cost of living crisis on employees and the dangers of financial stress. They then dive into Salary Finance’s initiative to promote financial wellness in the workplace and facilitate healthier employee-employer relationships.


Anthony then joins Sudarshan “Suds” Sridharan, founder and CEO of Fion Technologies— an intelligence company that builds software that stops the spread of wildfires. Together, they talk through the recent increase of wildfires on the west coast and the philosophical reasons that not enough is being done to solve the growing problem. Suds then highlights how Fion Tech is equipped to assist firefighters in combatting wildfires, “situational awareness,” and touches on the company’s future.

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