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Episode 22

Jeff Stein, Kim Wehle & Michael Khouw

February 5, 2021

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In this episode, Anthony talks to Jeff Stein, White House economics reporter for The Washington Post, to contrast the early days of the Trump presidency with the Biden administration, and get his take on Secretary Yellen and the economic direction of the new leadership. 

Trump’s new lawyers filed an impeachment response this week ahead of his second trial which starts on Tuesday. Kim Wehle, bestselling author, law professor and former Assistant US Attorney, gives Anthony her analysis on the argument and whether it will hold up in court. 

Finally, it has been a crazy week on Wall Street for GameStop, Robinhood, and a lot of small investors, but what happens next? Anthony is joined by Michael Khouw, investment strategist and trader on CNBC’s ‘Options Action’ to get his predictions.

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