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Episode 21

Jake Sherman, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff & Alan Blotcky

January 29, 2021

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You’ve seen the pictures and watched the video clips of the insurrection at the Capitol – but what was it actually like to be in the building at the time, fearing for your life? Anthony is joined by political journalist and author Jake Sherman for his literal inside take on the unlawful mayhem brought to Congress itself – and the consequences to come.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was the former First Lady’s trusted advisor and closest friend, and had a front-row seat at President Trump’s inner court. Her memoir ‘Melania and Me’ exposed dysfunction and division at the very highest levels of the White House – and makes the case why FLOTUS was very much “part of the problem.”

Many people have insulted Trump by saying he is ‘crazy’ – though it does beg the question how practicing mental health professionals actually do view his behaviour. Dr Alan Blotcky is a renowned clinical psychologist and contributing writer at Salon, and bravely shares a candid assessment.

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