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Episode 77

Darren Marble, Salil Mehta & Josh Rosen

February 11, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony is joined by Darren Marble, chief executive of Issuance and executive producer of Going Public. Going Public is a new streaming series that aims to “democratize private capital markets,” allowing viewers to click-to-invest in the featured companies, while they watch.  

Salil Mehta is a bestselling author, chief risk & analytics consultant and former professor at Columbia University. Today, he talks with Anthony about his most recent book, Colors and Numbers, which gives a new angle on connecting analysis with real-world topics. They also discuss why developing mathematical literacy is crucial in today’s society. 

Finally comedian Josh Rosen joins Anthony to talk through learning and developing the skill of being an impressionist, working alongside Matthew McConaughey—and even gives us his best Mooch impression!

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