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Episode 92

Bringing Extinct Species Back with Ben Lamm

May 27, 2022

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According to leading scientists 30,000 species per year on average are being driven to extinction. That’s six per hour and 150 per day. Are we close to bringing them back?

In this special episode, Anthony is joined by Ben Lamm, serial tech entrepreneur and co-founder and chief executive of Colossal Biosciences to discuss founding the world’s first-ever de-extinction company. Ben delves into working with his partner Harvard geneticist George Church, and their aim to combine the science of genetics with the business of discovery to bring back the woolly mammoth, and help the climate crisis in the process. They question the impact this will have on both the planet and economy as human beings are given the ability to “create a part of the past,” and reveal whether the dodo may even make a return.  

Finally, they reflect on Ben’s career, and how he went from a Nintendo-playing teen to a successful serial entrepreneur. Starting five different companies, from a consumer gaming startup acquired by Zynga to a mobile software development firm acquired by Accenture.

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