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Episode 50

Austan D. Goolsbee, Dr. Juan Rivera & Ren Yi Hooi

August 6, 2021

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In this episode, Anthony is joined by Austan D. Goolsbee, Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers to get his take on the tax debate – and why the US economy is staging a slower recovery than economists expected. 

Dr. Juan Rivera, renowned cardiologist, best-selling author and Univision’s chief medical correspondent joins Anthony to discuss how he became the most trusted voice for the Hispanic community during the Covid-19 pandemic, a group that was underserved in both information and access to healthcare – and why a ‘Mojito Diet’ is the way forward! 

Finally, Ren Yi Hooi is the founder and chief executive of Lightning Social Ventures, a  startup that works with charities and public sector organisations to accelerate support to those in financial hardship. Ren recalls her career journey so far and how she started the company to “use business to play a role in making this a fairer world.”

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