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Episode 84

Asha Rangappa, Paul Perrone & Dr Brian Klassen

April 1, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony is joined by Asha Rangappa, former FBI Special Agent and legal & national security analyst for CNN. Together, they discuss the Ukraine war and the impact this tragedy could have on our own security; question whether Russia could become a vassal state of China; and predict when Putin’s inner circle may turn on him. Asha then switches to discuss Judge Jackson’s confirmation and whether politics could ever go back to civility. 

Next, Paul Perrone, founder, and chief executive of Perrone Robotics, recalls creating the world’s first general-purpose robotics operating system for autonomous vehicles in 2006. Paul takes us through the technology behind autonomous vehicles; addresses some of the distrust people may have with autonomous vehicles, including whether they could ever be hacked; and predicts when we may see mass adoption of vehicular automation. 

Finally, Anthony speaks with Dr. Brian Klassen, clinical director of The Road Home Program, an organization with the mission of helping veterans, service members, and their families address the invisible wounds of war and military service. They are also joined by Jeanne Polydoris, a member of the program’s Leadership Committee, to discuss how they go about helping veterans with all barriers removed, and what more can we all be doing to raise awareness and provide support.

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