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Episode 79

Ariaa Jaeger, Christopher Spencer & Michael Ornstein

February 25, 2022

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In this episode, Anthony is joined by Ariaa Jaeger, spiritual life strategist, bestselling author and renowned intuitive, to discuss her decision to devote her life to help people accomplish a higher way of thinking, why we must always promote love and kindness – and her new book ‘The Soul’s Way – The Journey of Reincarnation.

Chris Spencer, founder and chief executive of Blu Chip Analytics talks with Anthony about his ten-year NFL career; his passion to support athletes who become financially unstable having once been at the top of their game; and answers the all-important question: Is Tom Brady coming back?

Finally, Michael Ornstein, actor, writer and artist shares where his passion for the Arts began; recalls immersing himself in motorcycle club culture during his time playing Chucky on the hit series Sons of Anarchy – and how we can all find our creative side.

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